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Hypnosis and Power Learning


Pierre Clements


Westwood Publishing, 1979; First Edition


This book undoubtedly contains the most efficient method ever published for acquiring self-hypnosis. The instructions are clear, simple and easy to follow, and ideally graduated.

They are grounded on conditioned reflexes solidly anchored in every human being.

It is especially rich in methods of giving oneself post-hypnotic suggestions that ''work'' Some of them are .'classics'> for the practicing professional hypnotist. They are presented as "'proofs-to-myself'' of "now-being-in-hypnosis? At the same time, they constitute a step-by-step training towards the USING of self-hypnosis; time self-hypnosis, deepening techniques, hand levitation, anesthesia, time distortion, and multiple ways of developing a creative visualization . . . are just a few of them.


I especially liked the three special methods of eliminating the negative;'' the " Cloud and the Sun',' the " Burning of the Leaves'' and the ' Duck'' exercises, called the THREE basic

desensitization techniques by the author In the third part, the author comes to grips with the MIND POWER Learning methods. Supercharging your will power concentration strengthening, memory activation (to the point of a photographic memory), increased speed of reading, maximized retention and recall <'on the spur of the need of the mo-

ment?" . . . are powerfully treated for application to yourself, NOW.


Most important in my view are the techniques of CREATIVITY in the financial, academic, or artistic field which the author gives freely to the reader of the book. You will learn how a script writer can actually "PRELIVE" in his mind his next production, audio and video, and then simply "put it down on paper?' This technique alone is worth many hundred times the price of the book. With the net result that it constitutes a rich mine of information, and  bread and butter information' at that, for the practicing hypnotist.

Gil Boyne, Hypnotherapist

Hypnosis and Power Learning - Pierre Clements

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