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Sir Coffin Graves - Book 1 (Sir Coffin Graves #1) SIGNED COPY


Leinad Platz


 2015, Mill City Press


A lean and fast-paced supernatural adventure that will leave readers eager for more from this author - - Kirkus

Discover the Soulmadds - an ancient bloodline of supernatural human's living among us, who are intent on thwarting the evil plans of Lord Dunraven and Dymortis.

Book 1, is the story of a young man confronted with the challenges of love, death and faith in a world that is nothing like he thought it was, where reality is a dream, and his dreams are the reality. He not only encounters the extraordinary, but slowly becomes it.

"I should of killed the Witch when I had the chance." - Lord Dunraven

Sir Coffin Graves - Book 1 - Leinad Platz - Signed Copy

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