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My South


G. Dewey Clark


1970, Carlton Press; First Edition

Sometimes, when people talk of former days they refer to them as "the good old days." Many dispute that the old days were not so good since most of our modern creature comforts were nonexistent then. But leaving aside the technological ad- vances one can hardly argue that when people lived at a slower pace they did things and saw things that are missed by those of us who rush along. They savored little things that go un- noticed now, and I believe that we are poorer for these missed moments.

"Mr. Dewey" Clark is one of those rare people who has lived successfully in both times. He has a keen memory. He has the warm understanding of people that makes it possible for him to look back in the memory of his experience and bring us pictures that were lost.

This collection of "Mr. Dewey's" observations of life as it used to be should provide reverie for those over forty and won- der and education for the younger generation. In short, this little book is for everyone who finds pleasure in taking time out in the game of life to look at the way it used to be played.

My South - G. Dewey Clark

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