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McCall's Guide to Wines of America


William Edman Massee


1970, McCallPublishing Company


American wines have come of age. Long overshadowed by the fame of European wines,

American bottlings have been the first to benefit from improved techniques of winemaking and vineyard management, The result is that American vineyards are now providing some of the best bargains in the world of good wines: a few outstanding wines that are a fraction of the price of their European counterparts plus a gusher of plain table wines the equal of those produced anywhere in the world.


Written for novices and informed wine lovers alike, McCall's Guide to Wines of America

identifies the best that American vineyards have to offer, using the criteria of quality, value and availability. Cutting easily through the confusing and sometimes intimidating language of wine labeling, Mr. Massee identifies all of the "noble vines" grown successfully in America and offers a careful selection of the outstanding producers of each wines not to be missed.


The author also guides you through the major wine-producing regions of America, describing the notable vineyards and wineries of each region and listing the outstanding bottlings of each-including, for the benefit of vineyard visitors and wine buffs hardy enough to seek them out, some of the special reserves or limited bottlings that are not widely available.


"Names virtually unknown as the decade begins will be famous by its end," writes Mr. Massee, who has paid scrupulous attention to recent vineyard extensions, new growths, and experimental plantings. "There are dozens of wines to discover now; there will be scores in the next few years." McCall's Guide to Wines of America acquaints you with the best avail-

able and points the way to making your own discoveries now and in the golden age to come

Mr. Massee's very useful book is the first to offer fully up-to-date information on the marvels of American winemaking, and it includes serving suggestions appropriate to each variety and an appendix that gives tasting terms and techniques and information on the stocking and storing of wine.

McCall's Guide to Wines of America - William Edman Massee

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