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It's a Picnic!


Nancy Fair McIntyre


1969, Viking Adult; First Edition


This is the first really modern book about picnics. The author has a happy, zippy style; she makes you feel that you'd like to travel with her and spread a cloth under the trees. There are ten chapters, each covering a different kind of picnic; their headings are really the best description: Picnic Classics, Banquets in a Basket (some really lush things here), Grandstand Snacks, Picnics Afloat, Pocket Picnics (snacks for hikes or automobile trips), Camper Cookery, The Sportsman's Lunch Box, Motel Breakfasts (never anything like this before in any book). Blithe Spirits (with a useful listing of wines), and Picnic Cues (what not to forget to bring with you, where to find your site, and a list of the best and latest equipment). Nancy Mclntyre has written a cookbook that is not simple supermarket cooking, nor is it really difficult gourmet food. She says, 'l suppose some of the barbecues are a wee fancy-but golly, I still believe women want something with a little challenge and

originality. When you think about it there's nothing so fancy about basting a chicken with lime juice and sticking a little herb butter under the skin.'

It's a Picnic! - Nancy Fair McIntyre

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