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Golden Triple Time


Zoe Garrison


1985, NAL Books


"A riveting and knowledgeable story about Hollywood glamour, sex, and power.

BARBARA HOWAR. Author and TV correspondent for " Entertainment Tonight


Here, from the great new talent of Zoe Garrison, is a glamorous, deliciously sexy novel of two very desirable women in the glitter-filled world where movie-making and high-finance connect.


When the ingenue star of Last Chance commits suicide on the set halfway through Kit filming Ransome is faced with the biggest crisis beautiful, talented studio executive of her life- a crisis that affects not only her career, but the career of the man she loves. In just five high-voltage days she must somehow convince the head of the studio's parent firm that her costly, highly cherished movie is worth salvaging. But Kit falls into all the double dealings and betrayals known to the industry. Then Liberty Adams, a former gossip columnist turned reporter, uncovers and plans to expose-in grand tabloid style- some dark, shocking secrets

about Kit's family,

Golden Triple Time - Zoe Garrison

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