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Family Blessings


LaVyrle Spencer


2004, G. P. Putnam's Sons


Out of the deepest grief comes the greatest love ... Lee Reston, a widow in her mid-forties, had a full and rewarding life with her three incredible children and a thriving florist business. And like most of us, Lee never imagined how she would cope if that which was most precious was taken from her ...

Then came the shattering news that turned her life upside down: Lee's oldest son, Greg, is killed in a motorcycle accident. In her anguish and grief, she turns to police officer Christopher Lallek, Greg's best friend; together they grieve for Greg and begin to heal their pain. As their friendship blossoms, Chris becomes part of the family, helping with odd jobs around the house and joining in family dinners and backyard barbecues. Soon, Lee realizes she's experiencing feelings she never thought she'd feel again--she's falling in love with this serious, gentle young man--and wonders what the world will think of their unexpected love affair. She finds her answer close to home, for Lee's daughter has feelings of her own for Chris. Now the family that was once the core of her existence becomes a mixed blessing, as Lee must confront her own children to understand where family ties end -- and a woman's need for love begins ...

A widow is torn between her family and a new, young love..

Family Blessings - LaVyrle Spencer

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