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Deck Designs


Steve Cory


2005, Creative Homeowner


For homeowners, one of the most challenging aspects of building a deck is choosing a design that works both functionally and aesthetically. "Deck Designs," an updated and expanded edition of Creative Homeowner's leading deck book, offers a comprehensive guide to planning and choosing a deck that enhances the home while also serving the family's needs. The first part of the book covers topics such as how to decide on a design, tips on identifying uses for the structure, and common building themes and variations. Part 2 offers readers some of the best designs from four of the top deck builders in the country. Featuring 31 professionally-built structures, more than 280 full-color photographs and illustrations, "Deck Designs" provides countless ideas for creating these beautiful additions. Amenities like overhead structures, railings, benches, and planters are also detailed, making this book a complete, one-stop resource for planning and choosing a new or remodeled deck.

Deck Designs - Steve Cory

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