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A Taste of Norwegian Nature


Arne Brimi


1993, Scandinavian University Press


The Lillehammer Olympic Organization Committee, LOOC, felt the need for a truly national Norwegian cookbook. Arne Brimi was a natural choice, as one of the most prominent representatives of the natural Nowegian kitchen. Arne Brimi's philosophy of life and knowledge of Norwegian food culture are paired with Bengt Wilson's wonderful pictures of Norwegian nature and food to make a cultural cookbook worth owning. Read about Arne's mother's home cooking--all the traditional dishes. And try the special menus which he composed for the Norwegian cross-country ski team. Join Arne Brimi at his home in Lom for a cultural evening filled with the aroma of good food and the spirit of the countryside. Learn about Norway's rich culinary heritage, and try some of the dishes. 160 recipes.

A Taste of Norwegian Nature - Arne Brimi

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